Book: Survivor in Death

JD Robb
Romantic Suspense
Berkley / 2005
Paperback / 360 Pages
Series In Death #20
The only thing that kept young Nixie Swisher from suffering the same fate as her parents, brother, housekeeper, and young sleepover companion was the impulsive nine-year-old's desire for an illicit orange fizzy at 2 a.m. Taking the bereft girl under her wing, Eve is determined to make sure the killers don't get the chance to finish their lethal job. From the first, however, the investigation is baffling. The Swishers were a nice family, living on the Upper West Side in a house with an excellent security system. Ordinary almost to a fault, they seemed unlikely victims for this carefully planned and executed crime. Valuables at the scene were left untouched, there was no sign of vandalism -- just the corpses of five people murdered in their sleep.

I picked this book up because Series

What I liked the Most? EVERYTHING ~ This is the best book yet

What I liked the Least? Besides the crime - nothing

Review: OMGs! After the last book Visions in Death I thought this series had died a horrible death. Thankfully I was wrong. This installment flies to the top of the heap – from the very first line of the book A late night Orange Fizzy saved Nixie's life you just know you’re in for an excellent ride.

This story just sucks you in – I loved the fact that Eve stays Eve in this book – there’s absolutely no softening of her character. She says what she thinks & Nixie snaps back with a quick “you’re not supposed to say that around me”. The dynamic between all the players is just TTT – T Totally Terrific!!

One quick note – there is a section of this story that will cause your eyes to well up or at least get misty. For me – it was a full on cry, but then I’m a big softie when it comes to a good story.

Recommended to: Everyone

Best Quote: “You think you can handle anything in this job.” His voice was thick and raw. “Stand anything, stand up to anything. But my sweet Christ, that child almost had me on the floor.”

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