8-6 to 8-12

Saturday 8-6 Got up for family breakfast and T says hey let’s go to the movies. So we grabbed the Daddy-O & hit the road to go see Harry Potter since we’d been procrastinating that move. I got the tickets & T got the goodies (using the house card LOL). It was a good movie & even better and of course there is a review. I may not like the character Bellatrix Lestrange but damn she is smoking in her craziness. Out of the movie (FYI Neville is HAWT) & got dropped off at work to grab my car & found out that COQ is still the COQ. So hung out waiting for the Bunny only to decide that I would go home cause I’m not in the mood to hang at the market.

After I got home – I made some cookies with the little guy and we popped them in the fridge so we can bake them up later. But he was soooooo tickled about the fact that we made cookies. Went out to dinner with the Rents, Bunny & Grand Von. Then it was home to snuggle in bed and enjoy some me time since Bunny went to GM’s for the night.
(Trying this section – we’ll see how it goes)
  • Hedwig’s Theme
  • Black long tunic & 7 shorts
  • Golden Corral for chocolate covered strawberries – I’m sure I ate something else too LOL
  • The Red Book

Sunday 8-7 Got up and made my way down to the Big House. “Just in time to bake cookies (Halloween style LOL) Aunt Wii”. So we got the baking pans & rolling pin out and got started. Well Antisocial came to town today & I don’t think she even spoke to me – oh - I’m so sad. Had a short little nap & then it was up for dinner – family style. Steak (yumminess my favoritist on the PLANET) I so couldn’t be a vegetarian or vegan for that matter. I could perhaps eliminate dairy from my diet but never red meat. I'm addicted.

Well everything was not sunshine & roses today. Got into a tiff with James that I'm not sure we can come back from. He asked me about something on his phone and hands it to me. Well to handle the problem I had to go online & look for what he wanted. What did his phone automatically sign into you may ask yourself? www.flirt.com And to make matters worse he goes oh I don't know how I did it. Really? You don't know how you signed up for a pay site? You don't know how it got on your phone? Or oops you don't know how you got caught? See I like that one the best. Then instead of owning up to the mistake you try & turn the table on me. Do I look stupid? But you talk to all these guys all the time & I'm just insecure. Really???
  • Broken ~ Seether
  • Blue sweat pants & cami tank -> work black gypsy skirt & black/white striped shirt
  • Steak & tater
  • Moon Called ~ Patricia Briggs

Monday 8-8 OMG I’m hurting soooooo bad – my stomach is in agony. Cramping with nausea & diarrhea. I don’t know what has caused this, but could someone please please please put me out of my misery??????

Went home early & went straight to bed. Got up several times to throw up but all in all slept the entire day away.
  • The Lazy Song ~ Bruno (after I got home)
  • Black stretch, white tank, LS mod jacket
  • Stew Beef & Rice with country peas, lima beans & corn -> strawberries courtesy of Bunny
  • Blood Bound ~ Patricia Briggs

Tuesday 8-9 Wow she called out again. I can not believe this shit – how does she still have a job? I mean if I called out 1/10th of the times she has I’d be up shit creek without a paddle.

Got home at 9:15 and started cleaning – we started the bunk clean up - moving a good chuck of my cooking equipment out to shed 3 & then found out we needed a couple of things (and lunch) so headed to wally-world by way of storage (dropping off some books) – ran in and picked up
  • a storage tote
  • Rio movie
  • Tool Box
  • & tape
then ran over to for lunch - almost got into an accident with some uber dyke crazy non driving tweedle. Decided to eat anyways & witch twitched my way through dinner, but the finally I was able to grab the Bunny and head home.

Upside to the all day fest - all my scrap crap is cleaned up, spent tons of Bunny time, watched a really excellent funny movie.

  • Airplanes ~ B.o.B.
  • Black on black with blue shrug
  • Steak & Broccoli with Rice
  • Blood Bound ~ Patricia Briggs/Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone ~ JK Rowling

Wednesday 8-10 Well COQ is out for the rest of the week. Why does that not surprise me? My stomach is still killing me and I’m at work with no major complaint – Shee’s kid is in the hospital & she still comes in. I just don’t get this crap I really don’t. Well no sleep yesterday led to a very long night, but I made it through. Chatted with Chrissy & texted with Bunny.

Then got a phone call from my sister at 7:30a which freaked me out – Momma Luv evi took a tumble down the stairs & banged up her back & bum – got off work and hauled ass home so I could check on her. Then it was drop face down on the bed & fall almost instantly asleep.
  • Shift Work ~ Kenny Chesney
  • Black with black tank & blue jacket - flips
  • Bento (with picture) Steak & Broccoli
  • Harry Potter book 1 (again)

Thursday 8-11 You know what – if you don’t fucking know me don’t I repeat DO NOT presume to give me orders. It will back fire on you badly. As some of those stupid idiots will soon find out. *sigh* I got a message today from a concerned gamer stating that due to how badly I hurt DA I should have the decency to refrain from flaunting my new boy friend under his nose now that they are gaming in a public area. WTF? Cunt, you don’t know what that ass put me through, so do not presume to tell me what to do. I have been going downtown for events & meals (which is not something that I ever thought I would be doing) since I started dating Bunny but there you go. I will not change my habits in the slightest. If he doesn’t like it then he can either quit or push the issue with me & I’ll activate the fucking restraining order. Okay rant over.

Well after the drama llama dropped some tweedle on my online doorstep last night – you would think all Hades would break loose, but you would be wrong. Shelia came in on time & we had about 2 hours to talk (in between calls of course) about all kinds of stuff. Had to stay 30 mins late – then out the door to grab the Bunny so we can get over to Crappy’s for coffee with 18wheels. Argh – got a call from Lurch & he was bugging cause evidently he’s getting fired for being stupid. Then when we all got to the coffee house SlugBug was there & still scamming for info on Frog, really dude he’s gone cope. We had a wonderful time sitting & talking then we bounced away from SlugBug cause he moved over to our table and over to for lunch. Had a wonderful lunch (Thank you Lady Bright!) and then a quick trip to Michael’s turned into a 2 hour browse fest. *sigh* and home to bed with an really good wake up.

Haven’t heard from Jinx in like a week – sent a text this evening & barely got a response. Oh well. Next.
  • Dirt Road ~ Jason Aldean
  • Black tank dress w/flips
  • Chicken with Broccoli & Rice (take out Chinese)
  • Blood Bound ~ Patricia Briggs

Friday 8-12 Well today poses to be a good day (except AS will be in town – I think I’ll go to sleep) – I’m gonna spend time with the Bunny, pack for our overnight at the beach (tons of pics & a post to follow), perhaps do some scrap booking (after I print out some pictures).

May try some Geocaching this weekend.
  • Sunshine & Summertime ~ Faith Hill
  • Cuffed jeans, black zipper tee, flips
  • Steak & Fries
  • Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets ~ JK Rowlings

Until next week.

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