Welcome to the Season 3:

Episode 1: Kill Ari: Part 1 9-20-05

Wow – Kate’s dead (but still in this episode as a memory/ghost, NCIS Director Morrow steps down & Gibbs’ ex partner Jenny Shepard shows up, and Tony is following Ziva David around like a lost puppy. Then Ari continues trying to take out the femme portion of Gibbs team by shooting into Abby’s lab. What’s gonna happen next?
You were persistent, Abs. First with the black lipstick, then the black nail polish, next thing you know I have a tat on my bum. Oh God! Ducky's going to see it!

Episode 2: Kill Ari: Part 2 9-27-05

Ari abducts Ducky to throw Gibbs off his game while Tony & Ziva continue to play cat & mouse. And here comes the FBI.
I'm gonna lie to you. Mossad lies to the CIA, they lie to us, I lie to you. I don't know who you lie to, being the bottom of the armed-fed-food-chain... and not married.

Episode 3: Mind Games 10-4-05

The Navy Secretary orders Gibbs, at Virginia Governor Charles Norin's request, to talk to serial killer Kyle Boone. Kyle was arrested 15 years earlier and is days from his execution - he is offering to reveal the whereabouts of more of his tortured and mutilated victims after leading the police to his 'scrap book'. Gibbs is most unwilling to play along with the killer who has a devoted biographer, John Briggs, and lawyer Adam O'Neill. Then NCIS Special Agent Paula Cassidy is kidnapped. Still Gibbs hopes to settle the case through McGee's ingenious analysis of landmarks on the photos and Abby's identification efforts. Meanwhile "copy-cat" murders, similar to Kyle's M.O. have started happening.
You're not listening to a word I'm saying. I'm pregnant, McGee. Twins. Haven't told the father yet. It's Gibbs. I know it's wrong, but something about his silver hair gets me all tingly inside.

Episode 4: Silver War 10-11-05

The opening of a rubber-sealed iron Civil War grave chest surprisingly reveals the corps of modern marine staff sergeant Warren Sorrow, Marine security guards instructor in Quantico, with dog-tag and a cellphone in the box. He was shot with a period gun, but killed by burial alive. He seemed to be dialing, but actually text-messaged about a safety-box and a Manasses battle reenactment site. Ducky is visited by a vague acquaintance, Smithsonian forensic anthropologist Dr. Elaine Burns, who contributes archaeological expertise, but there is more in past and present.
How 'bout this? Slow down or I'll puke on you!

Episode 5: Switch 10-18-05

A murdered marine that’s alive & doing his job. Never open the package. This episode was one of those huh moments.
Good news and bad news, Gibbs. Good news is I'm still cute. Bad news, the bomb squad got a little trigger happy.

Episode 6: The Voyeur’s Web 10-25-05

While US Marine Carr is in Iraq, his wife Jamie Carr is murdered by a masked intruder: her throat slit during one of her performances on line, which McGee saw but assumed a bad snuff movie. She ran the porn site from her bedroom as 'Rain' with her partner Leanne Roberts. Leanne's husband, USMC sergeant Jake Roberts, is also in Iraq, and young, badly paid webmaster Carter Finch, who lives in his mother's basement. Abby is not amused to get neither a raise nor equipment, but an assistant, even though Charles Sterling proves quite nice and interested. Tony is apparently in love with Monica and spoils her rotten. Leanne is found in a car, her throat slit posthumously. Neighbor Bart Powell, a female soldier's husband, is attacked by sergeant Roberts as if he is the killer.
The boys down at tech call her "Energizer Abby". She needs an assistant.

Episode 7: Honor Code 11-1-05

Six year-old Zach Tanner calls NCIS after witnessing the kidnapping of his dad, brilliant computer expert US Navy lieutenant commander Alex Tanner. Jethro can barely prevent Zach from being kidnapped, quite possibly to use as leverage to make his dad cooperate. His father is the only key to a superior cryptography program stolen from the firm he was detailed to. this program could compromise national security, so all agencies claim jurisdiction. Zach keeps amusing and surprising the team, which explores various theories and suspects, including Tanner, his best mate, commander Harry Wilder, and the firm's executive Frank Connell.
Gibbs: Are you saying Zach is a mini-me?
Abby: Gibbs! I am so impressed with your pop culture reference!

Episode 8: Under Covers 11-8-05

DiNozzo and Ziva play a hot married couple of Canadian assassins Jean-Paul and Sophie Ranier known to have assumed Marines identities and checked into strategically situated hotel suite, presumably to make a hit at the Washington USMC 'birthday party' attended by military and political dignitaries, including the NCIS director. Ducky and Abby must try to supply them, via 'waiter' Proby, data how to do so. They are observed by another couple, but who and why? Jethro and Jenny worry about the assault plan itself and the rivalry for jurisdiction.
I want a divorce!

Episode 9: Frame Up 11-22-05

The team finds day old body parts scattered on Quantico grounds, well preserved and expertly severed. Fingerprints seem removed, but a partial one inside a surgical glove nearby, and the practically unique bite-marks, constitute an embarrassingly convincing case against Tony. Jethro de facto co-leads the external investigation, which is formally handed to his FBI mate, senior special agent T.C. Fornell, who takes Tony in custody without formal arrest. The daunting list of vindictive people once arrested by Tony includes the unjustly fired forensic expert George Stewart, who started a new life under the legal new name Petri.
Well I always break up with them, when I find out they're married, Ziva.

Episode 10: Probie 11-29-05

An NCIS detail guards a Navy brass under threat from 'CACA' civil rights activists against Guantanamo base prisoner abuse. Meanwhile Probie faces and kills a shooter. Fingerprints identify undercover Metro police detective John Benedict, but no proof is found that he did the shooting or was even armed. The only lead is his hard to identify SUV. The director promises full cooperation, Gibbs is determined to disprove the doubts, even within the team, that Probie misjudged and panicked. While each searches for failures in the other team, DiNozzo wonders why the sperm bank contacts him. Benedict's junior partner collaborates discretely, they were chasing Irish drug lord Halligan. Another wound and bullets are found.
If you ever hesitate because you second guessed yourself again, I'll take your badge! We clear?

Episode 11: Model Behavior 12-13-05

Taylor, one of the models taking part in a 'Bootcamp babes' reality show on a real Marines base, is found dead on the electrified fence. While the director worries only about media impact, Jethro's team finds she was addicted (again) to the drug PCP, and had both a close relative and a lover inside the camp, while model rivalries are ruthless. Her equally addicted boyfriend, is also found dead in a hotel room. Another, non-lethal OD suggests a last plot twist.
Two things I know. One, I like cream filling. And two, this was her last meal. I think we're looking at death by Klowny Kake.

Episode 12: Boxed In 1-10-06

Undercover for illegal arms trade in an East coast port, Tony and Ziva get shot at, hide in a crate and find themselves locked in. The team desperately tries to find them, which proves pretty hard, while Port Security Chief Matthew Lake doesn't cooperate fully. The contraband is not what was expected, there's a complex chain of counterfeit money and more dangerous arms.
Tony: I'm not getting a signal. How about you?
Ziva: No. I'm braless.
Tony: I noticed that earlier. But on your phone they're called "bars."

Episode 13: Deception 1-17-06

A young Zac Efron has a guest spot as a potential witness/suspect.

NCIS Sunday leaves are canceled when Lt. Cmdr. Wilkerson, who helped plan the route of a nuclear fuel rods transport train, goes missing just before the nuclear fuel leaves. Wilkerson's cellphone is traced, Wilkerson was locked in the car trunk after it was taken. The team finds out Wilkerson was an over-active volunteer in a private pedophile hunter group, so what was the motive?
Ops. Yeah. It's DiNozzo. Hey Mattie, I need to requisition two sets of genital cuffs, and I gotta requisition the Mark-5 Taser again. No you don't have to clean them, I'll wear rubber gloves. Thanks.

Episode 14: Light Sleeper 1-31-06

The team is happy to avoid a 'sensitivity training' seminar. Marine sergeant Malcolm Porter's wife, Sun, and her friend, Min Crane, another Korean base wife, are found shot. There are indications of regular domestic abuse. Porter, who was drunk behind the wheel with his gun, the murder-weapon on the seat, claims she never loved him and was unfaithful, but claims never to have hurt her, it was the other way around. It checks out: staff sergeant James Dawson was the adulterer; his wife Yoon, the 'third musketeer', disappears. NCIS believes Yoon was a 'honey trap', and sets chase, with a surprising outcome.
Come on, you're with me Elf Lord.

Episode 15: Head Case 2-7-06

While busting three sailors-car thieves, NCIS stumbles upon Navy captain Parker Wayne's severed head on ice in female attorney Sean Oliver's Mercedes. Wayne died from a heart attack in hospital months ago, his body was cremated. The funeral director now discovers his furnace operator, Martin Broussard, was into voodoo, and just went missing. The ashes aren't human. Tying these ends involves more secrets.
It looks like this guy did an episode of Trading Spaces with Satan.

Episode 16: Family Secret 2-28-06

A military ambulance carrying the charcoaled body of USMC lance corporal William Danforth Jr., a Marine who allegedly died trying in a car accident to avoid a deer, explodes. It's a cleverly staged non-accident, designed to let the medics survive, and cover up the body was not Danford's. Corporal Kenneth Merrill, his best friend since childhood, lies about a fight the previous evening, but dad Dandord is his alibi. Yet forensics come up with surprises.
Equatorial pygmies know how you feel about coincidences, Gibbs.

Episode 17: Ravenous 3-7-06

The corpse of US Navy petty officer Benjamin T. Riley is found in Shjenandoah National park, eaten by a black bear, but after a fatal knife wound. Park Rangers blame him for ignoring their warning, and banned local hunter Jason Edom who lured the now doomed animal. Riley was hiking with a unidentified girl, now missing - Jessica Fagan, the key to this mystery in a surprising way.
Here, McGee, take the, uh, film... dooey-whacker out of there and put it up there on the plasma.

Episode 18: Bait 3-14-06

Gibbs's team is called in when a troubled teenager takes his classmates hostage by wearing an explosives around his chest. While Gibbs is taken hostage, DiNozzo must lead the team to diffuse the situation. Things are further complicated when the teenager makes his demand, he wants to see his mother, who has been reported as deceased. But the teen says he has seen his mother recently. Gibbs soon realizes the teen is not acting entirely on his own, someone else is manipulating the situation. They must figure a way to save all the hostages, and the teenager.
Your son strapped a bomb to his chest, kidnapped his homeroom, and is demanding to see his dead mother. I'd say he's past his acting out stage, Major!

Episode 19: Iced 4-4-06

Two frolicking rascal brothers find a corps under the ice. It's USMAC first sergeant Ryan Downing, missing for months on leave from Iraq. The team finds three other Salvadorians with La Vida Mala gang tattoos in that pond, all killed with his Browning. Ryan was shot with two other guns. Two of the dead Latinos killed one of Ryan's unit men earlier. Gibbs leans on their Manassas branch chief and discovers a problem they can't solve legally.
My Army. Major Mass Spec. Captain Comparison Microscope.

Episode 20: Untouchable 4-18-06

While NCIS investigates a national security breach in the Pentagon, suspect lieutenant Hill from the US Navy Encryption is found dead. Her apparent suicide was staged, as Ducky, Plamer and Abby find out while his senile mother must be handled. Hill's presumed contact, Venezuelan embassy protocol officer Simon Rocca, enjoys diplomatic immunity. Yet Gibbs is determined to get him before he can fly back, and arrest the murderer.
Don't tell me your afraid of a little pussy... cat, Tony.

Episode 21: Bloodbath 4-25-06

A couple checking in a motel room finds bloody humans remains splattered all over it. Ducky finds it's not a corps but human tissue removed during surgical operations on at least four persons. This medical waste is traced to Abby's Gothic ex, crime scene cleaner Mikel Mawher, against whom she got a court order for stalking. The evidence proves most toxic. For Abby's safety, she's quartered in with NCIS men, yet the case literally sneaks in before taking surprising turns
Tony: Did you request this specific room when you called the lodge?
Lillian: No we asked for the one with the eviscerated squirrels, but this was all they had.
Albert: What the hell kind of question is that?
Gibbs: Our last one.

Episode 22: Jeopardy 5-2-06

The NCIS team must protect Ziva when a suspect dies while being in custody, and her tactic might be the reason why the person died. The things become much more dangerous when the suspect's brother kidnaps Jenny, and demands the release of his brother in exchange for Jenny, but he has no idea that his brother is dead.
Ziva, let me ask you something: where did you learn to do that? Years of training in some mountain desert retreat? Blind Master Po always one step ahead of you? When you take the pebble from my hand, it will be time... Whoa – do that again!

Episode 23: Hiatus: Part 1 5-9-06

Gibbs is injured in a bomb blast on a Turkish merchant ship, which puts him in a coma. He wakes, suffering from an unusual form of amnesia, where he thinks it's 1991, when he had been in a coma from another trauma, having no memory of the last fifteen years... including his team. The physical trauma to his brain does not explain his amnesia, so the team tries to uncover the possible psychological reason for his amnesia, while also trying to determine who, and why the bomb was aboard the merchant ship in the first place.
Tony, your dying words will be, "I've seen this film".

Episode 24: Hiatus: Part 1 5-16-06

Gibbs wakes up, but with extensive temporary amnesia the doc believes a psychological defense mechanism, covering the full 15 years since 1991. Tony steps up to stay in charge, Gibbs style. People slowly rekindle Jethro's memory, in different times. Forensics comes up with some surprises. Time is running out to handle a major bomb aboard a frigate.
Is everyone up there as STUPID as you!

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