Day 17: your idol and why you look up to them

I adore Marilyn Monroe because she was (and still is) the epitome of feminie beauty and grace. I love the fact that while she changed herself so much, she created the fantasy that she wanted to live with. And live it she does.

Betty White because she just keeps getting better with age. It's like she has defined the modern (older) woman as someone who is still vital and that is important for today's society.

Oprah Winfrey for being so daring and her perseverance in the pursuit of her goals.

Helena Bonham Carter for just being herself. Totally outrageous with such a beautiful spirit.

The fictional characters Weetzie Bat (love her style and belief that magic still exsists), WitchBaby (for being unafraid of what comes next), Hermione Granger (for being so intelligent and willing to fight back), Rikku (love love love her perkiness), Velma Dinkley (so damn smart!!), River Tam (kicks total and complete ass but absolutely insane it all balances out), and of course Luna Lovegood (not afraid of being different).

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