RuPocalypse Now! & Untucked

Hell YES!!! I’ve been ready & waiting for Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 4 and it started with a drag. No really – dragging zombie drag queens lol.

Ok so anyways show opens and of course you have the standard everyone comes in on at a time. (in the order they came in)
  • Willam ~ Gotta say I loved, loved, LOVED Willam’s entrance, even the slightly snarky comment "I hope they don't have diabetes!" when she notices the larger forms. And then licks the make up station “now no one else can have it” lol. I think I’m in love with the quirk, but not the name/place/show dropping, but I love the ditz!!
  • LaShawn Beyond ~ such a quiet queen, and not in a good way. Queen’s need to stand out, she says she is too big for the circus, but fades in the back ground constantly.
  • Jiggly Caliente ~ fluffy queen galore, but turns out she is a major beotch and I am over her.
  • Phi Phi O’Hara ~ I like him, but I don’t at the same time
  • Madame LaQueer ~ Holy smokes – gorgeous plus size queen, WTF happened as a boy. “I just wanted to pee on the floor and doing flip flops.”
  • Milan ~ HoPimp at the finest. I love loved the entrance.
  • Alisa Summers ~ Self proclaimed Fishy Queen aka T&A, but such a cute boy!
  • Dida Ritz ~ I’m not believing the blonde look.
  • The Princess ~ I love the showgirl quality, but not sure about the piercings and the tats.
  • Kenya Michaels ~ I’m stunned. Abso stunned. Are you sure this Queen isn’t truly a 15 year old girl. HFS!! Talk about fishy in the best possible way. I want her to be my girlfriend.
  • Chad Michaels ~ Cher at her finest and this Queen rocks it.
  • Sharon Needles ~ Coming in as a witch – rocking it. Chosen words to describe self “Beautiful, Spooky & Stupid”. >“I quit going to the free clinic. It was too expensive.”
  • Latrice Royale ~ Pure Jumbo Glamazon Queen. Stunning!! She is totally rocking the BBW!

Then after Shemail & Ru’s entrance they bring back Shangela?!?!?! WTF are you thinking?!?!?! Then Ru says take the box out back, throw in a rabid honey badger, and the set it on fire. (But thankfully it was just a stunt and she ended up getting noshed by some zombies at the end of the show.)

Mini Challenge: Get dressed in an ugly white poofy dress, have the pit crew spray “toxic” paint on you, as you spin in a circle giving Mike Ruiz “high fashion face” – I want to see Ru do this one. According to Ru Jiggly won this round, but I think that Phi Phi O’Hara should have gotten it. She rocked the fashion and the picture, while Jiggly was a mess.

Main Challenge: Stolen Zombie Fashion After the Ru-pocalypse
This was funny cause the Queens had to steal their base materials from past season contestants dressed as zombies. Chanel, Raven, Pandora Box ~ they were all there!!

Of course, when the Queens get back to the work room you get your standard bitching, but I kinda skim this part any ways – more of a listen rather than watch. Then Ru comes in and comments on a couple of the outfits (with 13 we don’t get to hear all the comments of course).

Then it’s runway time & while some of the outfits rocked royal, others were simply junk. And from the judging panel comments you could tell the hits & misses (except I didn’t get the fascination with LaShawns tower of hair and the judges loved it. Kenya’s phoenix was glorious but not really post apolypitc. Jiggly’s was a mess. The Princess did a waterworld inspired outfit (perfect). But the show stealer for me was Sharon Needles – she looked like a survivor.

Guest Judges: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark & Mike Ruiz
Challenge Winner: Sharon Needles (Sharon Needles)
Bottom Two: Jiggly Caliente & Alisa Summers (Jiggly Caliente & LaShawn Beyond)
Lip Synch: “Toxic” by Britney Spears
Eliminated: Alisa Summer ~ Keep it cute ladies! Shady sisters 4-ever! (Jiggly Caliente)

Untucked: OMG can someone put some duct tape on Jiggly’s mouth. I’m beyond fed up with that fake. Okay, so you can’t sew – NEITHER could the winner of the of the fucking challenge.

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