Book: Witches Under Way

Debora Geary
Fireweed / 2012
Series WitchLight Trilogy #2
(Read between WitchLight Trilogy #1 & Modern Witch #3)

Lizard and Elsie are under way, but the WitchLight journey isn't an easy one.

There are bumps and obstacles inside their own hearts.

There are meddling witches, helpful knitters, and a fearsome duo with water pistols.

And there is the greatest challenge of all... the one they will pick for each other.

Witches Under Way is the sequel to Witches on Parole, and the book in the WitchLight spin-off trilogy, set in the world of the A Modern Witch series. The final book in the trilogy will be out in late March!

I picked this book up because Series!! It totally rocks

What I liked the Most? Lizard and her words are back!!!

What I liked the Least? Little less on the stomach issues since I read it while sick lol

Review: Deborah Geary is an amazing writer & grows so much with each and every single book. She has created a place that I love to escape too, I have the books on my Kindle & the Kindle app on my phone and every spare moment (and some when I should be sleeping) was spent reading this book (and the others in the series). I laughed, I cried, I cheered – and woke up my BF in the process lol.

Elsie & Lizard (with Nat, Jennie, and Lauren’s help) are back center stage, ready to take the next step in their journey. Lizard is taking her vocabulary back to school in a big way & Elsie is learning to play. I loved the growth that both young women undertook and felt that they are developing in a lovely fashion – 2 steps forward, 3 backward – just like everyone else on the planet lol.

There have been very few worlds that suck me in as thoroughly as this one Anne McCaffrey’s PERN, Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar, and JD Robb’s Futuristic NY to name them. I find myself caring so much about the characters that it’s like visiting an old friend.

I would like to know exactly what’s in the green gunk, not that I plan on getting a hang over anytime soon. And on a personal note – this series has gotten me knitting & I love it!!!

Recommended to: EVERYONE but especially Fans of Witchy Fiction

Best Quote: Sometimes change happens when you leasat expect it. She’s a bird in a cage, that one. The cage door’s open now, but the bars are still big and shiny. Contemplating the open door is work, and it can be done in a bed.

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