Frenemies & Untucked

Mini Challenge: Not a challenge persey – meet a little lady by the name of Poly Graph. *insert evil chuckle*
Main Challenge: Live singing duet; the six remaining contestants were paired into three teams and sing "So Much Better Than You"
Latrice & Willam ~ I loved the mix between these two, they worked so well together

Chad & Dida ~ I’m not sure what Dida was doing, she was all over the place but Chad was professional as usual

Sharon & Phi Phi ~ OMG, Sharon I am so sorry you had to work with that cunt, she totally train wrecked the whole damn thing.

Guest Judges: Pamela Anderson & Jennifer Tilly
Challenge Winner: Latrice & Willam (Latrice & Willam)
Bottom Two: Sharon & Phi Phi (Sharon & Phi Phi)
Lip Synch: “It’s Raining Men (The Sequel)” by Martha Wash & RuPaul
Eliminated: WTF!!!! Willam was disqualified for breaking the rules.


Seriously, Pee-Pee you need to shut the fuck up!

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