Book: Witches in Flight

Debora Geary
Fireweed / 2012
Series WitchLight Trilogy #3 (Read between WitchLight Trilogy #2 and Modern Witch #3)

Ghosts from Lizard's past--and the man who wants to be her future.
The empty places in Elsie's soul--and the temptations of raspberry-laced courage.
Walk once more with Jennie's students as they come to the end of their WitchLight journeys.

I picked this book up because Series & I love love love it!!!!

What I liked the Most? The world that Debora has created – it is ful of love, magic, family and adventure

What I liked the Least? They read entirely too fast

Review: First off I must say that my reviews of these books must get a little repetitive because I love them so much. They are the perfect antidote for a sick day. If you have not picked up this serious yet, do yourself a favor & look it up, trust me – you will be well rewarded.

Lizard is starting to emerge from her self imposed street kid persona – but she doesn’t loose that fire and spark that makes her so uniquely lovable. Elsie has totally removed the stick and found that life is truly better when you can simply let go. And I love the fact that not only the “newbie” witches have lessons to learn.

I enjoyed this visit with old friends and simply can not wait for the next installment.

Recommended to: Everyone!!! What are you waiting for?

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