Washington DC Day 1

Gotta love getting a vacation and planning a trip. I had to take some time off from work (long story) and decided that a vacation was what was needed. Convinced the BF that DC was the place to see, loaded the camping gear & grabbed some groceries & headed out on an adventure!

I grabbed NightShade and made sure he came along for the trip.

We took a leisurely drive up I95, stopping at JR’s to look around, and then Denny’s for a late breakfast early lunch. Made it to DC in really good time and with the help of MapQuest mobile found the Greenbelt Parkway campground. We picked out a really good site, set up camp, then had to move to another site because a Momma Bird had taken over the grill with her nest, set up camp a second time, and got some sandwiches for dinner. While sitting down to eat, we decided to go drive around DC so BF could see all the sites at night. So off and running we went. We got into DC without any problem, but looking at the sites was completely out of our realm because of all the buses trying to squish us. We did manage to see the Capital Building all lit up and BF thought that was cool. After an eternity of trying to circle around the area & fighting the buses for a lane, we gave up and headed back to the campsite & safety. LOL.

NightShade kept the tent safe for us. We played cards for a little bit, and then it was off to sleep.

Total Cost of today’s Adventure:
$48 Gas
$19 Lunch
$64 Campground

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