Washington DC Day 2

So we got up early and decided on coffee/tea & breakfast danish, then drove up to the GreenBelt Metro station to take the train into DC. Had a very interesting conversation with another couple that was staying at the same campground.

First sight seeing stop of the day: The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum
When we were trying to decided if going out of town was a good idea I asked BF what he wanted to do, his response was go to The Smithsonian. I don’t think he realized that it was multiple museums nor how big they truly were, because he looked overwhelmed today while walking through the history of flight. We got to see the Wright Brothers plane and read all about the history of flight. Enjoyed walking through the space exhibit. And we even got to touch a piece of the moon. Talk about cool.

Second sight seeing stop: The Smithsonian Natural History Museum
We walked into the museum and immediately stopped and started. The large elephant in the middle of the entry is truly spectacular. We had decided to eat here today, so our first stop was the Café in the basement and I think we both looked overwhelmed with all the choices, the food was stellar and filling (even if a little pricy). I loved the fact that all the trash cans were set up for compost, recycle & landfill so that even the act of throwing away your trash was educational. Then we went up into the museum and enjoyed a couple of hours of walking around. We saw dinosaurs and the Hope diamond and meteors from outer space, rocks that looked fuzzy and mummies. We talked and held hands and just simply enjoyed being with each other.

When we were done with the Natural History exhibits, we went out the “back door” and headed north to see if we could find the International Spy Museum. We walked around, enjoying the weather and the bustle of the city.

International Spy Museum:
Had a very enjoyable time talking with the security guard here. Joan was a very caring woman who truly made our day by treating us kindly and actually talking with us. James says I can make friends every where I go.

From the moment you step into this building you realize it’s something different. From the floor with its flashing lights to the elevator strobish type lighting. You are escorted into a room and asked to assume an identity (make sure you memorize the deets), then its on to your briefing (short film on spies), then it’s off on your mission.

When you step into the actual museum there are a bank of monitors that you are supposed to go to and answer the questions that pop up. This will give you a mission to follow. There are exhibits on lock picking, eavesdropping, ciphers and codes, spotting cameras, you name it. The major thing you have to remember when coming into this museum take your time, wander around and learn something. My only “big” complaint was the lack of attendants in the museum itself.

Make sure you take the time to enjoy the store too, there are some wonderfully fun souvenirs. I did most of my presents to everyone shopping here, but that is sp

Total Cost of Today’s Adventure:
$18 Metro Pass
$24 Lunch
$43 International Spy Museum

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