Washington DC Day 3

Well today we decided to do the traditional monument tour. Got up early and took the metro to Arlington National Cemetery. Did the grand tour, we saw the caisson in use (funeral on the grounds), John & Jackie’s eternal flame, all the pomp and circumstance of the clickety clack guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the double wreath ceremony and the sight of a preteen crapping his britches. Explanation, while at the Tomb, we noticed a couple of teen type boys joking & pushing each other, then one stepped over the barrier, the guard went from parade march to gun at the ready shouting step back instantly. The poor child could not move for a few moments as his bowels opened up and he soiled his shorts.

After we left Arlington, we took a tour bus across the George Washington to do the monument tour. Got dropped off a the new MLK monstrosity, then hoofed it over to the Korean wall and the soldiers trapped forever in battle (this monument always gives me the willies a little), over to the Lincoln Memorial (where it started to rain and we had a good laugh at everyone dashing for cover), then down to the Vietnam Wall (we were able to assist a gentleman who was trying to take a picture of his friends name – they shipped out the same day), leisurely stroll to the Washington Monument, and then some how we ended up on the street in front of the White House (we were trying to locate the CVS lol) and James got yelled at by a Police Officer.

Now here’s the background for that, as stated we were trying to locate a CVS because I needed a blister pad for my foot and the directions that we were given didn’t say anything about walking in front of the White House, but we ended up there any way. Upon seeing an officer standing in the middle of the street, James asked him if he could give us directions, the officer looked over at James and dismissed him. James thinking maybe the cop didn’t hear him, took a step closer and repeated his request. The cop exploded (I honestly can not think of a better word for it) hand on gun belt, unsnapping the latch thing and yelling “Step back, I have authorization to shoot”. James did not step off the sidewalk, he didn’t raise his voice, and he didn’t threaten the officer in any way, simply asked for assistance, he stepped back and the cop returned to statue mode. No fucking joke. We stood there for a few minutes having a conversation about said stupid tweedle and you could tell he wanted to say something, but since he was playing palace guard there was nothing he could do. Then we continued down the street in the hopes of finding the CVS.

And unfortunately the drama continues, somehow we ended up at a dead end, a smallish cul-de-sac made from fences and were like damn just what we need, a trip back by Office Stick in His Butt! We turned around and started back down the road and a very nice gentleman from a guard shack told us to go through a gate (evidently someone had position the fence the wrong way) & we’d come out on the main road, and that CVS was on the next corner.

*** Side Rant: I honestly think the police officers in DC are the worst on the face of the planet. We asked 2 different officers for directions (one to the CVS and one to get to 395) and they were the most uphelpful idiots I’ve ever met.***

So we found the CVS, got my foot patched up, and walked through the outdoor court of the Ronald Reagan Trade Center, where we found a small farmer’s market. I was massively impressed with the offerings and if we’d been on our way back to the campground then I would have totally bought a bunch of stuff lol. Next stop was the Museum of American History. James was blown away at seeing Archie Bunker’s chair. I honestly think that was the highlight of his trip.

Then we had to catch the Metro back to the campground to get ready for dinner cause we were meeting up with Faye & Reggie, two of my LARP friends at TGIF and I wanted a chance to get changed and freshened up a bit.

I must say I was totally impressed with TGIF (it was totally jumping) and the food was amazing!! Now I know it’s a chain restaurant, but we don’t have one in Fayetteville so it still counts towards my “eat somewhere new when on vacation” rule. I had an amazing time reconnecting with this wonderful couple and finding out what’s going on in their lives. We laughed and joked the whole meal.

Total Cost of Today’s Adventure:
$20 Metro Pass
$10 Bus Pass
$19.75 Lunch

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