Week 6-23 to 6-29

Saturday 6-23

Okay, so this weekend is gonna be one of those weekends lol.

1st things first, grabbed my baker’s helper and baked the Bunny’s birthday cake. He’s getting to be a joy to bake with. He knows how to read most (simple) recipes now and seems to enjoy it!

Then its rush to the Lamp to get dressed for a Wedding (okay a Handfasting, but whatever). We got all dressed up and head to the Fayetteville Rose Garden (simply stunning FYI) and no one is there.

No Bride, no Groom, no HPs, no Guests, no chairs, no canopies – get the picture? Ceremony was scheduled to start at 2:30p, and the Bride & HPs didn’t even show up until 2:45p. Then there is a big drama over where people should enter & who should be allowed in. Hell I’m pretty sure that several of the guest didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. Bunny’s lucky I love him, cause with the heat index sitting at 100 degrees and no shade to be had, I was almost ready to walk out, total T. The HPs pulled some major neg energy into the circle as well. So we made it through that, then ended up snagging Romeo to haul him out to Star’s house for the night. (Drama going on with him)

We finally made it out to the country for some R&R with convo with wonderful friends and an afternoon full of visiting. Too funny gotta share – I snagged one of JT’s water guns, loaded it up, went teen hunting. I shot one and he fell down at my feet (claiming to be dead) so I shot him again and said “Rule 2”, he jumps up yelping “I’m not a zombie” LOL. After Mother Nature had cooled off a bit, we had our MidSummer rite and I had fun in circle again.

The only blight on the evening hours was TG’s delay in getting home & the lies that compounded the issue. But that is for the Momma to handle. For me, I’m ready to get to tomorrow so I can see how Bunny liked his “present”.

Here comes the Bride

Blue tube dress/white shrug & flips

Bean Soup & Bread

No reading today

Boob tube stayed off

Sunday 6-24

So anyways – I’ve been planning a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend for the past couple of weeks. He’s NEVER had a party so I just couldn’t let that be the status quo. And today was the day. His mom called early this morning wanting to take us out for breakfast and I begged off because I needed the sleep for work (white lie I know). Once BF was out of the way – I called upon my baker’s assistant and asked if he was ready to decorate the cake. I got the icing mixed up and plain iced the cake. When my assistant showed, I told him what we were doing – Gummy Bear from the Gummy Bear song, pulled up a picture and we got started. I drew out the shape and Lucas filled it in. It was a wonderful day. Many thanks to my wonderful family for hosting the event, Toni for coming over, and SS & her family for spending the day with us. Lucas had much fun playing with JT on the water slide and many of the adults got in on the action with water guns. Bunn was sooooo funny when his friends showed up, he was like did you invite them over and I said “It’s kinda hard to have a birthday party without your friends being here” and the look on his face was priceless. It was truly worth all the plotting and planning. Only downsides to the day were Prince Slaveboy tossed Captain Morgan out of the golf cart with the power of his mind and then ran over her foot, and all the rehashing of the Wedding Day Blues. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Happy Birthday

Swimsuit/Black Tank Dress

Hamburgers & Chips

A Modern Witch ~ Debra Geary


Due to all the excitement of the day – I simply could not take a nap this evening, so LONG night at work, but it’s all good. Enjoyed reading & blogging. **Side Note: that dang fairy stole the birthday cookies**

Monday 6-25 Sleep – wonderful sleep. I slept all day. Livin La Vida Loca ~ Ricky Martin

Black yoga pants, bright blue cami, & black shrug

Stuffed Baked Potato

A Hidden Witch ~ Debra Geary

No boob TV again today

Tuesday 6-26 Got off work and headed straight home, spent some time with the Momma before the Aunties got back to the house. Decided on the furniture shuffle, but left that to the boys to handle. Did a grocery store run for a few minor items, then quick shower & bed. Life is a Highway ~ Rascal Flatts

Black capris, leopard print tank, black shrug

Coconut Chicken with Broccoli

Witches on Parole ~ Debra Geary

Nadda ~ TV stayed off Mom’s eye surgery is scheduled for today, so it’s gonna be another long day!

Wednesday 6-27 Talked to 18wheels tonight, usual yak, nothing much new. PLA made the trip safely. Yep long day – got some errands ran while killing time before the surgery, got to the Ambulatory Center before the rents, sat around laughing and joking with mom before she was called back to the back, moved the van, and settled in for a long wait. Surgery was uneventful & successful, got her out of the center, checked with her Dr about the follow up, grabbed something to eat, then hit the Lamp for some much deserved sleep. Colors of the Wind ~ Pocahontas Soundtrack

Yoga pants, flips, blue cami, shrug

K&W with the Rents

Book of Shadows

No TV today Up and grouchy, but that is to be expected when I wear myself out staying up too late in the day. Coffee!!!

Thursday 6-28 I don’t know about anyone else, but I slept today. I was so freaking exhausted from yesterday that it was the only thing that made sense. These Days ~ Rascal Flatts

Black & White short sun dress


The Bullied Series

TV stayed off

Friday 6-29 Holy cow Batman, who opened the door to HELL!!!! Temp is setting at 100+ today. It’s freaking miserable. I went home & took a nap.

After my nap, I got up and went out with BF for a bit – Lane Bryant, Panda Express, Roo for an icee. Ever Ever After ~ Carrie Underwood

Black tank dress

Panda Express

No reading today

NCIS season 1 on repeat while I slept ~ does that count?Hopefully next week will be better.

Until next week.

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