To the beach again

I figured it out the other day - I've been to the beach 4 times in the past 10 years (when I was with the Frog) and this year I've gone 3 times. I do believe the new BF is very possibly the best thing for me, because I took another trip to the beach!!! Well this one was inspired by my family, but still we went.

This trip was for the 26th Annual Seafood Festival.

Got off work Friday morning did some errands for the family, then back to the Magic Lamp for the start of our latest adventure. BF & I were to follow BIL down to the campground. Trip down was fairly unexciting, we did some talking, but mostly we just enjoyed the time together.

When we got to Goose Creek Resort, we helped BIL set up their camper, then did the same for the Rent's we they got there. Then diaster struck, I being the total blonde that I am, slammed my finger in the door of the jeep. Holy Mother of God did that hurt, and it put me on the injured list for the rest of the weekend (more like weeks, but we will see). Now I will be the first to say that I cuss - a lot. But I slammed the door and I, well it was like I went mute. I couldn't make a noise. I got the door open, walked around to where my mom was and she said hey what's wrong. I replied "I just slammed the door on my finger" and she goes "shhh not so loud". My brain went huh?

After everyone got set up, and I got ice for my injury, we just sat around and talked, until Sissy & Little Man got there. Then it was prep for dinner. Mmm - yummy - steak!! Well LM wanted to go fishing after dinner, so BF & I volunteered to for a bait run which turned into a bit of an ordeal because believe it or not, the gas stations don't stock bait down in that area. We finally found some at Walgreen's of all places, then boogied on back to the campground for dinner.

James at the dock
 After dinner, all of us headed down to the dock for some fishing (minus the Daddy cause he had to get some work done). We stayed on the dock for awhile, loosing bait & enjoying the breeze. Only catch for the night, was LM & a very small (around a half dollar size) blue crab. Well that is unless you count the crab getting ticked when LM took away the bait & catching him a Lucas finger instead. Oh my, you should have heard the screams & squeals that LM produced, but the funniest thing was "that is my least favorite crab eber!"

 Packed up the fishing gear and headed to the campers for the night. I don't know about anyone else, but I just totally passed out cold, until around 3a when I thought I was gonna die. Evidently I rolled in my sleep and hit my hand on the back of the couch, came too with a cuss and a moan. I thought I was gonna DIE!!! again.

Woke up super early Saturday and grabbed my ditty bag & change of clothes so I could hit the showers. The walk to the bathhouse was interesting, I just love campers. Most of them are extremely laid back and relaxed, perfectly willing to give you a wave and a howdy or morning. Got to watch Sissy & LM chase his Buddy around, cause they (she) forgot his leash so they were using a tie strap which kept coming loose. The shower made me feel a bit more human (hand still hurts massively, but that is the price I pay for being a bottle blonde lol). Made it back to the campers in time to help with breakfast.

Lucas Cooking Bacon

Sissy started cooking & sent LM to wake up his Daddy, telling him "tell daddy that mommy is burning the bacon so he needs to hurry up". LM comes back out laughing and says "Daddy says I cook better than you". So we gave him a shot and what do you know - he does.

After breakfast, we got motivated to head into town for the main event. The Seafood Festival. But we made a quick detour to Friendly's Farmer Market. Holy cow, I want one of these places in Fayetteville. Now don't get me wrong, I love the farmer's market here, but this place was stunning.

Then it was back in the van for the drive to the Seafood Festival, and let me tell you, that place is amazing. There were a ton of vendors - both food & kitsch. BF & I stuck with the main group for a bit then headed off on our own. I wasn't feeling the best in the world & was a bit snappish. Didn't help matters any that I'm used to holding hands with BF, but we couldn't because of my injured finger. Yes I know we could have switched hands, but that doesn't feel right. LOL. After walking around for about an hour, OTC meds were kicking in and I was feeling a bit better, so we found the rest of the family again. We spent an amazing 4-5 hours just taking in all the sights, sounds and the smells. OMG the smells. I love seafood, I don't get to eat it very often because BF hates it with a passion to the point he can't really even stand the smell.

Found a really amazing Native American booth that had a combo recorded/live music so we all took a break from the walking & the sun, hiding under a little pavillion of sorts, where a wonderful breeze came into the boardwalk and just relaxed. It was heavenly. I did just realize that I am massively guilty of not taking a lot of pictures. It could be because my hand was throbbing and holding the camera hurt. Heck, simply holding up my phone hurt, but I do have a few more I'll share, when I get the camera back from BF.

We left the festival around 5ish and headed back to the campground & LM pipes up with I wanna go fishing again. All the adult fisher type people agree, so we go back down to the dock (minus the Daddy-O & the Momma Love this time) where I must say, the fish were biting good. BF, BIL, Sissy & LM all caught fish. So that was almost perfect.

(After dark BF & I slipped off but you'll see all about that in another post - hehehe)

Sunday morning, up bright and early again. Breakfast, then back up to Friendly's for flowers, then helped get everything loaded up & then we took off early. Both of us have to work tonight, so it is best if we get some sleep. All in all - it was a short break (in more ways than one) from every day life and we enjoyed (most of) it.

Until next time!

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