25 Things That Make Me Happy

1) Vacations!!!
2) Being in a family that pulls together when something happens in our lives
3) My friends - they really understand me

4) Helping people - from the callers I talk to every night to random strangers, it makes me feel good to help
5) Getting compliments
6) Flowers - I love flowers, in the garden, in a pot or in a vase - they make me happy
7) Tinkerbell - enough said
8) Sitting outside on the patio my boyfriend made me & hearing my windchimes go off
9) Family dinners - from intimate meals for two to the large family gatherings
10) Clean sheet night - nothing beats clean sheets on the bed when you crawl into it
11) Unless it's fluffy pillows
12) Chilly fall nights - jeans, a hoodie & a fire
13) Camping - it's the perfect break from reality
14) Trips to the grocery store or farmer's market - I love knowing that I can buy what I need or want
15) Scrapbooking - gives me a reason to play tourist again
16) Creating new words (or recycling them)
17) My nephew's smile - it warms my heart
18) Reading! I love that I am a reader. So many people aren't anymore.
19) Really Dark Rich Chocolate
20) Mother Nature - from snow to thunderstorms to lightning - I'm happy
21) Animal Companions - I love the goofy way my Divo smiles at me
22) Driving around with the windows down & the radio up - singing my heart out badly

23) The word Believe - it gives me a really good tingle seeing it
24) Coffee - I just adore coffee
25) Finding my purpose in life

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