Dark Earth

Jason Halstead
CreateSpace/ March 2010
Mass Market/ 229 Pages
Series Dark Earth #1

Eric's learned at a young age that the odds are stacked against most people and only hard work would see him through it. That stubborn pragmatism helped him through the death of his young wife and raising of his infant daughter. He never suspected that the odds were being worsened by people and powers outside of his control.

Eric's daughter Jessica quickly proved to be a prodigy that could perform miracles with anything she attempted. Once she hit the age of 13 the true nature of her talents began to be revealed. A simple drawing so perfect it seemed to be alive was followed by a garden filled with life beyond that of anything the Earth had seen in recorded history. Then came the next assassination attempt, foiled by that same stubborn and pragmatic father.

When an earthly assassin proved no match for Jessica or her protector a hunter was sent from another world. A world bound parallel to the Earth and only reachable during the rarest of times and by the most dire of circumstances. Ignorant of the impossible nature of the task Eric had set for himself, he must learn call upon an inner strength he never knew he possessed when Jessica is snatched from her very garden and abducted through the shadows into the other earth.

Eric, refusing to admit defeat, learns the true nature of not only his daughter and her amazing powers, but also his own legacy bequeathed unto him by a father he never knew. A father that is darker than the hunter and one who has only conquest and domination at any cost on his mind

I picked this book up because it looked interesting

What I liked the Most? Percy the squirrel (read it and your'll understand)

What I liked the Least? The logic gaps - I get that it's fantasy, but there are still REALLY large holes in the logic

Review: Ok to be honest, it took me awhile to get into this story. I got it over at Amazon for my Kindle and really didn't even know I had it until after I read Lost Girls & went looking for the rest of the series. But once I actually started reading it the second time around. I couldn't put it down. Sometimes I think I must be massively sexist in the books I read, because I simply do not do male dominated stories (unless it is true crime).

This book has a lot of really good points, interesting story twists, and over all a decent read. But I had issues with some of the logic gaps & drops. There is a really cool scene about midway through the book that gives nothing to the actual storyline, but was one of the best written.

Recommended to: Fans of mixed up fiction - was a little scifi-ish, a little fantasical, and a little WTF did I just read.

Best Quote: Fair is a concept invented by lazy people that want the same privileges hard working people have, without wanting to do the work.

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