Build A Man

Talli Roland
Romantic Comedy
Notting Hill Press / 2011
Paperback / 352 Pages

The perfect man is out there . . . he just needs a little work.

Slave to the rich, rude and deluded, cosmetic surgery receptionist Serenity Holland longs for the day she's a high-flying tabloid reporter. Unfortunately, every pitch she sends out disappears like her clients' liposuctioned fat, never to be seen again. Then she meets Jeremy Ritchie -- the hang-dog man determined to be Britain's Most Eligible Bachelor by making himself over from head to toe and everything in between -- giving Serenity a story no editor could resist.

With London's biggest tabloid on board and her very own column tracking Jeremy's progress from dud to dude, Serenity is determined to be a success, even going undercover to gain intimate access to Jeremy's life. But when Jeremy's surgery goes drastically wrong and Serenity is ordered to cover all the car-crash goriness, she must decide how far she really will go for her dream job.

I picked this book up because 2nd & Charles $1 bin

What I liked the Most? the humor was abso perfect

What I liked the Least? the underhanded way things flowed & it was extremely predictable but most romances are

Review: Serenity is in a rut. Dead end job she hates, boyfriend who could be 90 for all the excitement in his life, dreams stuck on perma-stall, and a best friend who starts to crack, but all that is fixing to change because Jeremy walks into the lobby of cosmetic surgery clinic she works in, wanting to get the works.

This book had me laughing from the opening lines – the snark in Serenity’s head is truly priceless as far as I’m concerned. I literally snickered every time the Botox Bitches are mentioned, and since I work in the “service” industry I’m VERY accustomed to giving visiting celebs descriptive nicknames, hell I give them to EVERYONE. Lol.

Recommended to: fans of laughing

Best Quote: If I see another set of boobs, I’m going to lose it.

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