Christopher Smith

Young Adult - Paranormal
Kindle / 75 Pages
Series Bullied #1

"BULLIED" is the first novella in THE BULLIED SERIES, which focuses on Seth Moore, a relentlessly bullied 18-year-old boy who is gifted an amulet that ignites within him telekinetic powers.

If Seth uses the amulet properly, it will protect him from those determined to crush him. But after so many years of being beaten down and humiliated by the school's popular crowd and the teachers who protect them, the question is whether Seth can keep away from the dark side the amulet offers--and not become a bully himself, even when all hell breaks loose.

BULLIED is an intense thriller that will speak volumes to anyone who has ever been bullied and wished they had a powerful way out. It's also a cautionary tale on the act of bullying itself.

I picked this book up because I love Christopher Smith’s books and yes I know I’m outside the dynamic for this book

What I liked the Most? the teen angst

What I liked the Least? the bullying (but you are supposed to hate that part lol) & the cover art

Review: Was it really that short? OMG I’m amazed. 75 pages and I was more than hooked. I can remember going to school and being teased because of my weight. I remember crying myself to sleep at night, wishing/hoping that my tormentors would eventually be the victims of bullying. Seth works hard to control the negative thought patterns that have developed from years of being bullied and I admire & encourage his conviction. I loved the idea (hints, illusions) that just because you were bullied doesn’t mean you get to become a bully yourself. Stand up for yourself, yes. Defend yourself, yes. You can even seek justice.

Note: Because I have been very vocal about chapters masquerading as books, Christopher Smith does this all the time, so I wait until the series is out and then pick it up. This is an example of doing it right!

Recommended to: Highly recommended for anyone who has ever been bullied and/or anyone who has been a bully, basically everyone

Best Quote: “I was about eight when I figured out that my life was going to be a smashed house of cards.”

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