RuPaullywood or Bust

I have been waiting and waiting for tonight & simply could not wait ANYLONGER!! Thank you Logo & RuPaul for giving my Monday nights interest again!!

  • Detox ~ OMG I am loving the bubble bee realness, but we've got the name dropping ala Willam already
  • Roxxy Andrews ~ pageant queen realness in a BB real body! She is simply stunning and totally a cutie boy
  • Jade Jolie ~ fishy little queen, but extremely annoying laugh
  • Serena Chacha ~ Holy crap, annoyance in one small package!
  • Alyssa Edwards ~ Ego-centric has been
  • Jinkx Monsoon ~ narcoleptic drag realness ala Campy style, I except good things from her unless she is eliminated ASAP
  • Penny Tration ~ online vote winner, I don't think the web has good taste. And really, that name!
  • Vivienne Pinay ~ holy crap, there is abso no way you could mistake her for a boy. TFP!
  • Alaska Thunderfuck ~ Sharon's boy/girl friend and a true camp queen. I'm looking forward to good things from her.
  • Honey Mahogany ~ I forgot all about her the minute she walked in
  • Ivy Winters ~ OMG, so amazingly pretty & funny and panty dropping hot as a boy!!!!
  • Monica Beverly Hillz ~ self proclaimed street smart fishy fish.
  • Lineysha Sparx ~ such a fishy Puerto Rican stunner
  • Coco Montrese ~ the only thing I can say is I want her eyes!!
Instant drama - cue the evil queen music! Alyssa & Coco have had issues in the past. For those of you who don't know, Alyssa was crowned in a pageant a couple of years ago & when she wasn't able to fullfill her duties, she was bumped & her "friend" Coco was crowned in her place.

Mini-Challenge: Photographer Mike Ruiz shoots the contestants for an underwater photoshoot where the girls try to stay underwater and keep their composure. OMG, Jade totally missed the big fish tank in the back ground I think she missed her true calling (a blonde), Serena didn't tuck (big big no no), Alyssa took a tumble, and Alaska gave up. The winner is Detox!

Main Challenge: Beverly Hills dumpster diving to make a dress that brings out Hollywood realness and glamour on the runway! So the race is on to see who can get the most crap from the dumpster.
  • Roxxy Andrews ~ Holy crap, this is absolute glamour! She is totally rocking the look in dark glam.
  • Jinks Monsoon ~ Stunning in a beautiful jade dress with still a bit of camp
  • Detox ~ kind of disappointed with the dress, but she is stunning any hows "She's detoxing from crack"
  • Ivy Winters ~ Ah-mazing! She is a total stunner in red!
  • Honey Mahogany ~ once again forgettable
  • Jade Jolie ~ WTF were you thinking! Red sequin disaster!
  • Alyssa Edwards ~ Not so sure about the dress, it was dramatic, but really a mix of too many things
  • Penny Tration ~ the only thought I had when she walked the runway was purple people eater
  • Coco Montrese ~ I'm totally gagging for the wrong reasons, her dress was a hot mess
  • Vivienne Pinay ~ fishy realness again, but not
  • Alaska ~ wiggling down the run way in a plastic trash bag couture!
  • Lineysha Sparx ~ truly amazing dress out of wall paper
  • Monica Bevery Hillz ~ not seeing glamour out of her outfit
  • Serena ChaCha ~ totally missed the mark in lederhosen realness
My Top 3 choices: Roxxy, Ivy, & Alaska
My Bottom 3 picks: Penny, Coco, & Serena

Challenge Winner: Roxxxy Andrews (Custom Marco Marco gown)

Bottom Two: Serena ChaCha and Penny Tration to "Party in the USA" OMG worst lip synch EVER!!! Penny kept turning around cause she didn't know the words & Serena looked like a puppet.

Eliminated: Penny Tration "You ARE ALL STARS smooches PT"


First let me say, I love the mixed mashed opening - it was a total teaser.

Serena is evidently cruising all the girls being a panty sniffing freak, Roxxy is a beautiful queen inside & out, Monica has overcome drugs & suffers from extreme low self esteem, Coco & Alyssa just wanna keep the drama rolling.

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