Lip Synch Extravaganza Eleganza

Mini-Challenge: Lip Synch out of RuPaul's mouth to Tranny Chaser, LadyBoy or Peanut Butter, with only their mouth visible. So much fun to watch. The ladyboys that received a sucker were Detox, Serena, & Ivy. And they are picking teams to lip synch to the spoken word.

Main Challenge: Lipping to the spoken word. The queens are reenacting some of the drama moments from the past season.
  • Team Detox - Season 4
    • The gold bar fight between Jiggly Caliente (Monica) & Lashauwn Beyond (Coco Montrese) this is not RuPaul's Best Friend Race!
    • The stellar fight between Phi Phi (Alaska) & Sharon (Detox) about the cruise ship
  • Team Serena - Season 3
    • The snark comments from Raja (Serena ChaCha) & Delta Work (Jade Jolie)
    • Oh yes! The I'm better than you cause you've got a sugar daddy three way fight between Shangela (Alyssa Edwards), Mimi Imfurst (Jinks Monsoon) & Mariah (Roxxxy Andrews)
  • Team Ivy Winters - Season 2
    • The fight between Morgan McMichaels (Ivy Winters) & Mystique Summers Madison (Honey Mahogany) - you know the "Bitch I am from Chicago!) one
    • The spat between Tyra Sanchez (Lineysha Sparx) & Vivienne Pinay (Tatianna) - the one just after every one threw Tyra under the bus because she was an annoying skank whore
Runway Realness:
  • Lineysha Sparx ~ So pretty in a pink & orange number
  • Honey Mahogany ~ what's up with the caftan cover up?
  • Ivy Winters ~ Butterfly Goddess on Stilt flowers! Can you say Ah-mazing!!!! She is simply stunning
  • Vivienne Pinay ~ once again pretty fishy, but a bit drab in gold.
  • Alyssa Edwards ~ Damn, she turned it out this week, such a polished look, but WTF was with that runway
  • Serena ChaCha ~ The top half was a stunning vision of Carnival realness, the bottom half looked kinda like granny panties with leaves pinned on
  • Jade Jolie ~ smoking hot as the Circus Ringleader but she should have cracked that whip
  • Roxxy Andrews ~ A dress made out of bead fringe
  • Jinks Monsoon ~ kinda freaky in a white "futuristic" dress
  • Monica Beverly Hillz ~ not sure I'm enjoying the body bitch this year (However she did reveal where all the emotions are coming from, she is transgender & has been hiding it)
  • Alaska ~ cute little dress but nothing special
  • Coco Montrese ~ fetish wear
  • Detox ~ Evil queen realness, she totally rocked it!
The ladyboys were judged in groups today, with Ivy's team taking top honours, but I am still voting on seperates!
My Top 3 choices: Coco Montrese run way was a bomb for me but OMG she is stellar on the lip, Alyssa rocked the runway & Shangela, Ivy's portrayal of Morgan was decent, but the run way blew me away!
My Bottom 3 picks: Serena (fail on runway & lip synch), Monica Beverly Hillz' run way was cute, but damn it Jiggly was a firecracker & you dumbed her way down, Lineysha's lip synch was such a drag & her run way sucks

Challenge Winner: Lineysha Sparx  (Custom latex garment from Syren Latex) WTF were you thinking RuPaul

Bottom Two: Serena & Monica to "Only Girl in the World"

Eliminated: Serena ChaCha "God bless America, Viva Panama, Keep bearing light QUEENS xoxo Serena Chacha"


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