My Weekly Update

Saturday 3-15

Well - I must say this was the abso longest day ever in history! After working all night with Grandma, I had go home, get dressed & trek it up to Raleigh with the Bunny for a Druid Meeting. Gotta say, I'm glad the meeting was at a Starbucks, cause this way I got coffee & scones. And the weather was amazing!!!!  Then we went out to an Art Supply warehouse & out to dinner at Twisted Fork.

  • Song ~ Take A Back Road by Rodney Atkins
  • Outfit ~ Flowy black pants, new Black & White tank, and black jacket
  • Bento/Meal ~ Shrimp & Grits (it was not good FYI)
  • Book ~ An Imperfect Witch by Debora Geary
  • TV ~ Nadda
  • Art ~ Journal then paint over it/Scrapbooking 2013

  • Sunday 3-16

    Oh wow - the things you can get done when you wake up at 3am is ah-mazing!!! I got the Lamp cleaned up, all the trash thrown out, and journaled all the pages & stickered it, then put all of the Scrapbook pages into the book. Made the weekly meal plan & grocery list.

    Then went down to Mom's & decided to fall flat on my face trying to get the steaks inside. Owie owie owie! Finally got to the grocery store and got our groceries for the week (and some stuff for dinner), put up the groceries & the laundry, then finally it's nap time

  • Song ~ Another One Bites the Dust by Queen
  • Outfit ~ black roll pants & yellow t
  • Bento/Meal ~ Family Dinner Night @ Mom's ~ Steak & Salad
  • Book ~ Nadda
  • TV ~ Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 13 Witch Hunt
  • Art ~ Scrapbooking 2013

  • Woke up for Family Dinner night, discussed a bit of vacation plans, went to GM's for OUAT, then back to my cozy little lamp to make LM's Bento and get ready for work. Then packed up all my crafty gear & headed to work.

    Monday 3-17

    Well it was an uneventful night really, just full of tweedle based calls, then a shower & home and T Totally crashed - that's the T!

  • Song ~ Let's Have a Kai Kai by Willam
  • Outfit ~ Torrid red skull jammies
  • Bento/Meal ~ Taco Salad
  • Book ~ A Different Witch by Debora Geary
  • TV ~ Random vids which equals to a lot of Dr Phil so I can yell at the computer :)
  • Art ~ Worked on Soul Tribe (but didn't like it - so it's in the recycle pile)

  • Woke up on time, but oh so sore!   Got dinner cooked and served without much problem.

    Tuesday 3-18

    Oh my, the shit is getting deep in here. I'm totally loving the new season of DragRace and looking forward to seeing what comes next, but it is a bit, well, BITCHY. Even the judges are getting into the attitude "Put a cork in it" And I'm pretty sure I've IDed the "I'll change when Santino wins a sewing competition & Michelle wears a turtle neck" comment ~ I'm almost positive it is Milk.

  • Song ~ (turned on Pandora to pull today's song) Take A Back Road by Rodney Atkins
  • Outfit ~ Black yoga pants & T shirt
  • Bento/Meal ~ Chicken with Mushrooms in Cream Sauce/Broccoli
  • Book ~ A Different Witch by Debora Geary
  • TV ~ RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 episode 4 Shade: The Rusical
  • Art ~ Happy Mail!

  • Well got off work & got a little lamp action, then BF wanted to go out. So out we went. Gotta say I love a guy that has no problems going to all the Fru-Fru stores with me. We went to a couple of craft outlets, Target, and 3 adult shops. And yes, I got some new toys - both adult & craft. :) Like you wanted to know that. But anywho - life is good. We decided to do Panda Express for lunch - which is always a treat.

    Got a few hours of sleep before starting my new day. Got up, cooked, and made it to the house before the Momma.

    Wednesday 3-19

    Off work & flying today! Gotta change clothes & get Momma to an appointment, then hitting the commissary for some groceries. I am beginning to feel like I spend half my waking time going to the grocery store. Sundays for us, Wednesdays for Mom, Thursdays for GM.

  • Song ~ Let It Go on Frozen
  • Outfit ~ Black Jammies
  • Bento/Meal ~ 
  • Book ~ nothing really
  • TV ~ NCIS & Art Journal Vids
  • Art ~ just watching art bids trying to get into it!

  • Well the appointment didn't take long at all & then we went to breakfast at the K&W cafĂ©. I love love love their salmon cakes. Abso yumminess.

    Then we headed to the commissary to check out some pricing fun. Got Momma through the commissary & pricing info in my head.

    Thursday 3-20

    Ugh - so tired tonight. I really need to learn how to sleep.

  • Song ~  Grenade by Bruno Mars
  • Outfit ~ Vixen jammie bottoms & pink/black cami
  • Bento/Meal ~ Sushi!!!!
  • Book ~ An Unlikely Witch by Debora Geary
  • TV ~  Survivor & Criminal Minds
  • Art ~ Art Vids

  • Off work and headed out with the BF cause he needed to have his eyes examined. While he was doing that I went over to Hobby Lobby to look for a new art journal. Gonna create a Witch based journal. I spent way too much money but it is all good! I'm having fun with my art.

    Friday 3-21

    So ready to get off work this morning but also massively excited about creating my new art journal. Witchy wild art!

  • Song ~ Let's Have a KaiKai by Willam
  • Outfit ~ black sweat shorts & cami
  • Bento/Meal ~ Chicken Stir fry
  • Book ~ Domination & Submission by Michael Makai
  • TV ~ No big bang theory so random YouTube vids 
  • Art ~ Witch in the Wild art journal cover

  • Well I would love to stay up and chat but I'm on with GM tonight so I'm off to bed!

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