Weekly Witchy Round Up

Saturday 4-26

Check out my day over here & the truly amazing thing (in my mind) Effy Wild friended me on FaceBook!!! I was blown away!!
  • Song ~ I Swear by John Michael Montgomery
  • Outfit ~ Black yoga pants & B/W sparkle t
  • Bento/Meal ~ Steak & Baked Potato
  • Book ~ I didn't have time
  • TV ~ I didn't have time
  • Art ~ Fairy Tea Garden (not traditional art but I love it)
Sunday 4-27

What ever happened to Sunday's being a day of rest :) Got up fairly early this morning (with no headache so that is a great big old win in my book!!!) Cooked breakfast for my boys (BF, Divo & Ebil), then we got the show on the road. Had to run by the bank, pay some bills, pick up a Baby Shower Present for one of BF's friends, go to said Baby Shower, run by BF's Mom's trailer for some things, then the grocery store.

Then Daddy-O called to invite us to dinner at Bonefish Grill & I was all over that! So we had family dinner at the Grill and then the grocery store, then home in time to watch my show with Grams, then pack up for work.
  • Song ~ Happy by Pharrell
  • Outfit ~ Black flow pants & Dark Magick T
  • Bento/Meal ~ Crab Cakes ala BG
  • Book ~ I didn't have time
  • TV ~ Once Upon A Time Season 3 Episode 19 A Curious Thing
  • Art ~ In the Spring, backgrounds for the 30Lists book
I'm a little tired, no nap tonight. But on the positivity front, I got signed up tonight for Effy's Book of Days Part 2 tonight. I simply can not wait to engage my creativity in a more mindful manor.

Monday 4-28

Argh! Tonight was too long! I was dragging all night long.
  • Song ~ "I'm So Tired" by the Beatles
  • Outfit ~ Back into jammies - Vixen tonight
  • Bento/Meal ~ Ribs & Greens ala Momma
  • Book ~ Concealed in Death by JD Robb
  • TV ~ Art videos courtesy of Effy (I signed up for one of her classes)
  • Art ~ Manifesto (started), Backgrounds
Home & straight to bed - let me tell you it felt WONDERFUL!!!!

Tuesday 4-29

There are days that I get so fed up with the way this country is going - I just wanna press a button and reset the whole damn thing!!!
  • Song ~ "Oh No She Better Don't" by RuPaul & cast of Season 6
  • Outfit ~ Comfort all the way! Yoga shorts & tank
  • Bento/Meal ~ Chicken & salad
  • Book ~ Concealed in Death by JD Robb
  • TV ~ RuPual's Drag Race Season 6 Episode 11 Glitter Ball 
  • Art ~ Manifesto (finished)
Oh poor momma is not feeling well tonight - I feel for her so much.

Wednesday 4-30

Well the Momma is still sick, I'm hopeful she will take advice and go to the Doctor SOON!
  • Song ~ Holepic by Willam
  • Outfit ~ Purple Jammies
  • Bento/Meal ~ Beef & Broccoli
  • Book ~ Nothing
  • TV ~ NCIS Season 11 Episode 22 Shooter (I just love Abby)
  • Art ~ Backgrounds for 30Lists book

Thursday 5-1

I just love love love tonight! Busy so the time is just flying by, but I also hate tonight because I am not able to do anything!!! And I need to start my 30 List project.
  • Song ~ Sissy That Walk by RuPaul
  • Outfit ~ yoga shorts & tank
  • Bento/Meal ~ Pork chops, brussel sprouts & couscous
  • Book ~ Crimson Veil by Yasmine Galenorn
  • TV ~ Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 22 Fatal, Survivor, CSI
  • Art ~ ListIT: Things I Do Every Day
Ahhh, tonight is my Friday night & I am so ready to get off work & have a weekend break! Up supper early but it's all good! Had some alone time with my Bunny, so texty time with my Star, and chitted with a stressed out butterfly.

Friday 5-2
  • Song ~ Finally Friday
  • Outfit ~ Lounge outfit
  • Bento/Meal ~ 
  • Book ~ Nadda nadda nadda
  • TV ~ Random TV on YouTube
  • Art ~ Let It Go

Until next week.

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