What a Roller Coaster

In The Realm Of Earth

So my intention for April was to "Continuing to eat healthier & try to move more. I'm getting a little to settled into my rut & need to break free a bit. I need to grab my yoga mat and really stretch out. That's the only way I'm gonna loose the weight."

I started the month off strong, having set up a pretty decent schedule for myself, but then everything went wonkers (as it is prone to do).  The schedule got jammed, which means I turn to quick & easy foods that I know BF will eat (pasta, rice, potatoes, etc) which totally throws off my game plan, but it's all good, I'm not dead yet, so I will continue to try again this month. My physical body is still not in a good place I'm having actual fully realized migraines and the frequency has jumped a great deal. Oh, and the yoga mat is still rolled up. But I have taken the first step to saying yes to myself, I signed up for the BOD session 2, paid for it & everything, so maybe the next time I have a bit of extra cash, I'll head down to the Yoga studio. Here's hoping

As to my tribe, I'm struggling making connections right now. It feels like I reaching through quick sand trying to grab someones hand & I'm not floating very well.

In The Realm Of Air

So my intention for April was to "I need to pick up my reading habit and expand it beyond the Debora Geary series on repeat. :) I need to start picking up a pen and writing my thoughts out. I go through phases of doing this, but it really needs to become a true daily event."

Yep - mark 2 for failure to realize your dreams. Really it's not so so bad, but with migraines that come on in the middle of the night and leave you wishing you were dead for 4 days, there's not much you can do. I did manage to get some journalling done this month & I mostly kept up with the blogging. So I'm calling April half a win :)

In The Realm Of Water

So my intention for April was to "I need to investigate the echos of the path that are coming up right now. I need to look them dead in the eye and banish them once and for all."

While nursing said migraine and sleeping the largish part of 4 days straight, I came to the conclusion that a large part of my problem is that I am feeling like the unwanted fat girl again. (See this post for a bit more input on that even though I never said those words exactly) I have to keep in mind that if I love me & I love what I'm doing, no one else fucking matters.

In The Realm of Fire

So my intention for April was to "Continuing my art projects :) and maybe reconnecting with my boyfriend"

Well, finally, something that I can say was done. I have done some type of art project EVERY night I've come to work.

And since the BF proposed, we must have reconnected. Or maybe the disconnect was all in my head. It's hard to tell. He's been a bit distant the past couple of months, but that could very well be because of his mother's passing. (Well and me not getting along with his dad).

In the Realm of Spirit

So my intention for April was to "This month I will create a true "morning" ritual and stick to it."

As stated numerous times in this blog post already, I was on the right track & got side tracked by a migraine. I'm going to be working on this again in the month of May.

Intentions for May:

In the realm of Earth: Continuing to eat healthier, try to move more, stepping up my water intake.

In the realm of Air: Documenting my life in a more complete manor - I'm picking up the 30List challenge & will be attempting another Blogalong.

In the realm of Water: Continue to focus on the here & now in emotional terms.

In the realm of Fire: Continuing my art projects :), focusing on the BOD & 30Lists

In the realm of Spirit: This month I will create a true "morning" ritual and stick to it. (Let's list this one again & see how far we can make it)

Credit for this goes here:

I saw this format over on Effy Wild's blog and thought OMG that is bloody perfect. Perfectly perfect! I've been looking/trying to figure out how to check in with myself at least on a monthly basis. So I asked if I could use her format on my blog & she said yes. Yay!

And here are the basics:

In the realm of Earth: My body. How is my physical body? How are my health & energy levels? My business, work, service to my tribe; how well am I receiving? How are things flowing? Am I feeling abundant? Growthful?

In the realm of Air: My mind. What am I feeding it? How are my anxiety levels? What's interesting to me? Exciting to me? What am I learning? Researching? What ideas or insights are coming up for me?

In the realm of Water: My heart. How am I feeling? How are my relationships going? What's happening in my underbelly, my subconscious? What's bubbling up? What dreams are coming into my conscious awareness? Are my waters calm or troubled?

In the realm of Fire: My passion. What am I passionate about right now? What has me shaking with fury? With desire? Am I fueling my physical need for connection?

In the realm of Spirit: My spirit. Have I been connecting to my witchy side? Am I allowing spirit to fill me on a daily basis? Am I turning off the physical connection to the world & letting my spiritual connection connect?

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