Hehehe - I loved the wake up call that Pearl got, water to the face. Now let's see if she turns it out.

Mini-Challenge: WTF, no mini challenge this week, you just let them pick their own teams.

Main Challenge: Spoofing on RuPaul songs - create a music video parody by writing lyrics, doing vocals, and of course shooting a music video

Team: Sissy That Walk turnt into Get Ready To Clock - I am still giggling "need help packin"
  • Jaidynn Diore Fierce - Bianca - OMG brills, just brills, TTT knocked it out of the park, her Bianca was freaking hi-LAR-ious
  • Max - Courtney - for this video, not maniac enough, but still a worthy performance, the drink scene was AMAXING
  • Violet Chacki - Adore - now this surprised me, she rocked it.

Team: Dance with You turnt into Tan with You Totally not loving the overall look and feel of this vid, there were some funny bits
  • Trixie Mattel - made me giggle, but wasn't really impressed ya know
  • Miss Fame - totally looking the crazy tan lady, and the vocals were decent
  • Katya - blew my mind - I loved the crusty old broad
  • Pearl - still sleeping through things
Team: Let the Music Play turnt into I Got Paid - I'm so sad, they made fun of Drag U and that was one of Ru's most prized accomplishments. After all he made a big difference to several worthy women.
  • Ginger Minj - hubba hubba loving the look and she sounded pretty too
  • Kandy Ho' - was she in the video?
  • Kennedy Davenport - I don't really get the ghetto thing while trying to sell a glamourpuss like RuPaul, but she stayed in character
  • Mrs Kasha Davis - She is so pretty, but the comedy is flagging a bit
Runway : OMG - you know that Michelle is loving this runway - Green Goddess! Best line ever - Sorry bout it Michelle, coming from Ru herself
  • Ginger Minj - girl, I wanted to love this look and I do for the most part, but big girl alert, check yo buttons before coming on stage - that top one was straining something fierce and it totally deducted from the look! But OMG, I want to learn how you paint, cause you are killing me with your looks!
  • Jaidynn Diore Fierce - no girl no - who thinks of a neon green camo mullet dress 
  • Kandy Ho' - the dress was amazing, but the paint & hair - no, just no
  • Katya - I don't normally love the helmet headed approach, but the overall look was classic beauty (with a stomping twist)
  • Kennedy Davenport - There is something massively off with this look, its like too much, but at the same time missing something essential. Did you slay a muppet for those feathers?
  • Max - oh Max, it looks like I am in a love/hate relationship with your look. This would have looked stunning with a bit more bling and a top! Jinxx did it sooo much better.
  • Miss Fame - not loving the dress, the train just felt clunky and the mesh part of the top looked messy, but OMG that is how you paint a face
  • Mrs Kasha Davis - now this bitch has got the fuller figure and the oomph to stand up to it!
  • Pearl - while I do love the outfit, it read a little masculine to me, but her moves were outrageous! 
  • Trixie Mattel - Asian inspired couture left me gagging, but not in the good way
  • Violet Chachki - OMG - lime green show girl, titties shaded on and did you see that ASS!

Challenge Winner: Kennedy (Should have been either Violet or Katya IMO)
Bottom Two: Pearl & Trixie (Kandy, Kennedy, & Pearl tied for the bottom as far as I'm concerned
Lip Synch for your LIFE!: Dreaming by Blondie
Eliminated: Trixie Bell (Ru darling you fucked it up this time)

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