Birthdays Suck!

Early this year, I was watching my nephew, who was turning 10, nearing his birthday and it wasn't about a party or fun or even excitement. You see, he was upset and cranky because while he wanted a party and to be witnessed and all of that fun stuff, he wasn't going to get it. His birthday went practically unnoticed. Yeah we went out to dinner, but he didn't even seem that excited about that.

Then my Bunny's birthday rolled around and I couldn't get anyone in my family to take the freaking time out to even discuss going to dinner.  And when they did FINALLY come out of their electronic shells, we ended up at a crappy restaurant with really crappy service because someone else thought it was a wonderful place to eat. After dinner, everyone else went out for ice cream and didn't even bother to invite the 2 of us to join them. Yeah, wonderful celebration.

And now for my own saga. I take the week of my birthday off every year, I have for the past 15 years. As long as I've worked for my current job. Well this year, my oh so loving family is going on vacation without me. Well that was the plan anyway. I was all excited about getting my week off for another year, and before I could even share the good news, my mom tells me that her & my dad are going to the beach for the week of August 20th to the 28th and could I please watch the dog. Oh and my sister's family would be joining them after they got off work on the 26th for the weekend. When I asked to have the dates clarified to make certain I wasn't hearing her wrong, I got a what's the big deal. I don't see what the problem is.

Fuck My Life, it sucks.

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