Bored Little Asks

  1. What’s your favorite pet name to be called? Voodoo Doll & BabyGirl
  2. Favorite thing to do in little space? Color & nap
  3. Do you have a caregiver? I have a Daddy in training - he's new to all this, he's the Bunny
  4. Favorite meal: Depends on the day of the week lol
  5. Favorite flower: Wild flower bouquet
  6. Favorite Disney movie: All of them!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. What’s your favorite stuffies name? Ted E Bear & NightShade
  8. What color are your eyes? Blue
  9. What’s your favorite part of your body? Eyes
  10. Name something you can’t live without: Air
  11. Something that makes you feel little: Snuggles for nap time
  12. Favorite flavor of sucker: Cherry
  13. Favorite exhibit at the zoo: Duh! Otters!!!!!!!!!
  14. What’s your perfect date? Something new and different or SUSHI!!!!!!
  15. If you could speak another language what would it be? Spanish
  16. Favorite flavor of pancakes: Plain with lots of butter
  17. Do you have any pets? Yeppers - doggie & kittie
  18. Do you use Pacis? Nope
  19. How many stuffies do you have? 10
  20. Where would you move if you could live anywhere? Right where I am
  21. Do you like to have your hair brushed? Oh yes
  22. Favorite Disney villain: Dr Facilier
  23. Biggest fear: Fire
  24. Favorite color: All shades of blue
  25. Who is your best friend? Don't has one
  26. Do you have a bedtime? Nope
  27. Favorite memory: Curling up in my tree, reading a book
  28. Do you like to color? Yes
  29. What color is your hair? Currently, washed out red
  30. Do you do any petplay? Nope
  31. Favorite song: Too many to list
  32. Favorite juice flavor: Pineapple
  33. Favorite breakfast food: Eggs benedict
  34. How long have you known you’re little? I've know for 2.5 years, I've had friends tell me I've always been little
  35. How are you feeling? Disappointed and sad right now

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