Birthday Goodies and a Trip

Okay, so I am beyond late with this post BUT I promise it was because I hit the ground running after my vacation and I haven't really stopped since. LOL.

I celebrated the big 43 on August 25th, but I decided to celebrate the whole month long. Stop laughing, I really truly did.

So the first big project I did (or rather had the BF do) was clean up and redo my patio! You can check out the total post over here. But here's what it ended up looking like!

Since I've lost some weight, I also ordered some new shirts from Hot Topic in the hopes that they would fit (and FYI they certainly do).

Next birthday goodie, was a mani/pedi with my MoonBeam. It was sooooo much fun to go be girly!!!! for the day. It was a perfectly lovely day.

This is one of my lovely birthday presents - this one came from my MoonBeam and it is simply stunning. A flourite (aka fairy stone) chunky bracelet! I can't wait to have something to wear this too!

I also decided to treat myself to some new make up and decided to try out Tarte!

My Bunny got me some super cute cat paw gloves!

I also placed & received an order from Perfectly Posh - I am in love with their Cackle Spackle. And since they sent me bonus points for my birthday and my anniversary - I got the Heebie Jeebie foot peel kit FREE!!!! Oh, and expect a review on the foot thing soonish.

I had a perfectly lovely Spa Day - full of relaxing and chilling and buffing and scrubbing and MUSIC!

Then my lovely Bunny took me out to see Harley in Suicide Squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See the review over here.

I had a tea party with my MoonBeam & we made fairy wings. Check out the full posty post here.

Then it was a family trip to the beach - where we had an amazingly relaxing fun long weekend. You can check out all the fun on a the full post as this is just a sum up!

While we were down at the beach - Aunt Stacy and I commandeered the Bunny for a chauffeur and  he took us to Scrapbook By The Sea, several second hand stores, Quilting By The Ocean and Imagination Halloween! Where I got an actually off the rack costume, which I'll share closer to Halloween!

And we went to Rioz for dinner!!!!!!!! I love this place!!!!!!!!!

From Little Man & Fam, I got this amazing coffee cup that he painted with his mommy, a wonderful essential oils necklace and a gift card.

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