Self Love Spell

Here's the *ONLY* type of love spell that you need:

Gather together:

1 Pink Candle
Lavender Petals (I grow my own and use about 3 "stalks" works)*
Jasmine Flower (just a hand full will do)*
5-10 pieces of Rose Quartz
A bowl of Salt Water
A small mirror
An altar cloth in red, pink or white (really use what ever color makes you happy but these are the "preferred" colors) DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP - it makes clean up sooooo much easier.
 * mix these 3 ingredients together

Using your normal practice, set up your area.
Take a cleansing/purifying bath
Set up the Altar - see below notes
 Lay down the altar cloth
 Place the pink candle in the center
 Place the rose quartz pieces equidistant to each other in a circle around the candle. (as you set each crystal visualize yourself coming closer to the person you wish to be)As you place each crystal around th unlit candle visualize yourself coming closer to an authentic version of you.
 On the outside of the crystal ring sprinkle generous amounts of the flower/glitter mixture. (as you sprinkle ask for the wisdom to aide in this working).
Sit in meditation for a few minutes.
Dip the washcloth into the salt water and gently scrub your face, hands, feet in the salt water. See the road blocks to a healthy relationship and the residue of bad relationships wash off like oil and dirt.
After scrubbing, envision healing energy washing over your body, healing the damage from those past remaining.

Light candle, meditate on the flame and when guided to, say: “By sacred flame I ignite the passion of the Goddess. Hear me great mother!”
Touch each stone gently, say: “By sacred stone I summon the love of the Goddess. Hear me great mother!”
Let your finger tips graze the herbs, say: “By sacred flower I call forth the spirit of the Goddess. Hear me great mother!”

Sit in silent meditation, feel the energy around you. See if anything has shifted. If you are led to cry, cry. If you are led to yell, yell (as long as you are not disturbing any one. If you are led to dance, dance. Listen to what your body and gut are telling you. Spill your heart out to the Goddess, she is a good secret keeper.

Once you have released all stickiness, say: “No more tears will blind me, no more fears will chain me. No more pieces to find within, no more pain to keep within.”

Turn around so that the candle is behind you and lift up your mirror and stare directly into your own gaze. Just look at yourself, when you feel the time is right, say: “Looking back I see my soul not pieces to be made whole. Looking in I see my heart is a lush work of ancient art. Looking out I see my path free of self inflicted wrath. (Insert your full name), I love you and you are worthy of love.”

Set the mirror down gently, turn back to face the candle one last time, say" “Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell, horned Hunter of the night, please lend your power to this spell and work my will by magic right. Air to speed it well, earth to bind my spell, water to cleanse each cell, fire to light the the dwell, I count the elements four fold and on the fifth my spell shall hold! May my heart be mine for all time. My love is mine for all time. I cast this spell, so must it be, for the good of all, but most for me!”

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