Poison Red Hair

Okay so about 2 weeks ago I was bopping around YouTube, just having a grand
old time checking out some of the ever growing drama over that way.

I ended up looking for reviews for New Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick
and stumbled upon this one by Kristen Leanne!

So now for those of you that have autoplay turned on - you are aware that you'll
just go from one vid to the next without having to do anything at all!
The next vid up in the que was this one

And I was all like OMG - I gotta try that!

So I headed on over to the Arctic Fox website and located the red hair dye,
(one of these days I'm totally gonna do pink & blue watch me on that).
It's $13.99 for 8fl oz of hair dye and if you get just 1 bottle shipping is $3.
(I paid for this product myself - using money I earned at my J.O.B.)
Well considering I've been on the hunt for a brilliant lasting red I decided to give poison a go.
(there was also a coupon code on one of the vids which I used but it's not good anymore - sad face)

Now kick back & wait for the product to come in.
Shipping took a little over a week, 8 days total, and I am not bothered by that at all!!

(update ordered on 1-27 & package arrived 2-3 - that is hella good "general" shipping)

The packaging is soooo effing cute!
I love the colorful Arctic Fox logo sealing sticker.
It just adds that touch of class.
But I hated cutting the sticker to get the product out of the package, but I did.
Included in the box: very sturdy plastic bottle of dye, a thank you card, and the packing slip.
I must say the Thank You card & sharing instructions are amazing.

So I had to wait a while before I could dye my hair.
Well okay I didn't have to wait, but the Depression Monster kept me from wanting to.
Finally got around to using it tonight (2-10)!

So right off the bat, the smell - it's kinda floral but not overwhelming so.
Website says stray skin dye comes off easy
that is why it's along the front of the hairline I gotta test it out.

Just sitting around chilling relaxing & letting the hair go red!
Bottle says to let the hair soak up the dye for 30 minutes,
but since this not a "process type" hair dye you can let it set for a longer period of time.

Just sitting around chilling relaxing & letting the hair go red! 

Kind of cool - I thought the towel looked a little art vanguard.
I want to make it perfectly clear - the dye showing up on this towel is almost straight product.
I wasn't thinking when I decided to do my hair tonight and it was fucking COLD.
So I wrapped an additional towel around my head while letting the dye stain the hair. 

The end result as of right now 2-10-17 @ 8:33am.

I plan on updating this post at least once a week until the color fades out
so I know how long to wait in between dye jobs.

A Few Notes about Arctic Fox Hair Dye:
  • Made only from vegan ingredients with no animal by-products.
  • No harmful chemicals in the dye
  • Not a chemical based hair colors, so therefore less damage
  • 15% Donated to help animals in need and to fight against animal cruelty.
  • No Peroxide
  • No Ammonia
  • No Ethyl Alcohol
  • No PPD (Paraphenylenediamine).

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