My Weekly Update

Saturday 3-8
  • Song ~ All I Want to Do by Sugarland
  • Outfit ~ Polkie dotted cami tank & sweat shorts
  • Bento/Meal ~ Steak & Mushroom Pie
  • Book ~ Not reading anything currently
  • TV ~ Big Bang Theory season 1 for background noise
  • Art ~ Painted the background for my Wonderland inspired layout
OMG last night was about the longest night EBER!!! Didn't pack the right kind of scrapbook paper to keep me entertained at GM's, so I was stuck with twiddling my thumbs most of the night because she kept calling me, so I couldn't run over & get the right paper. Gotta remember to pack the right things for this Friday.

Didn't help matters any that I wasn't able to get any sleep today, stayed up late cleaning (cat spray is SOOOOOO not fun), talking with my Sister about Little Man's 8th birthday and then cooking Steak & Mushroom Pie. But on the fun side my PopSugar box came in. And I got dragged into a convo with Auntie Social :(

Sunday 3-9
  • Song ~ The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars
  • Outfit ~ Baggy T-shirt & sweat shorts
  • Bento/Meal ~ Steak with Cauliflower Bake side
  • Book ~ The Fault of Our Stars by John Green
  • TV ~ Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 12 New York City Serenade
  • Art ~ DLP layout for the week 
Grocery store & menu planning are 2 major To-Do items checked off! Also got some more cleaning done. Made Little Man his bento for the week (I'm totally slacking right now). Started my new healthy regime today. Other than that, I took a nap & then got up early to watch ONCE UPON A TIME!!!

Monday 3-10

Went home and T Totally crashed - that's the T!
  • Song ~ Everybody Wants to Go To Heaven by Kenny Chesney
  • Outfit ~ Yoga pants & baggy black shirt
  • Bento/Meal ~ Pork chops & green beans
  • Book ~ Finished up/Fault of Our Stars
  • TV ~ RuPaul Drag Race Season 6 Episode 3 Scream Queens
  • Art ~ My Heart Map

Tuesday 3-11

Got off work & headed home with all intents to go right to sleep. Didn't happen, I ended up cooking some burgers to do a quick & easy low carb "snack" as well as feed the Bunny :)
  • Song ~ Happy by Pharrell
  • Outfit ~ Red skull torrid PJ bottoms & comfy nighty
  • Bento/Meal ~ Taco Salad
  • Book ~ A Reckless Witch by Debra Geary
  • TV ~ NCIS isn't on so ran some mindless shows in the back ground
  • Art ~ Finished the Heart Map
I am so loving my new "schedule", of course it's gonna get screwed up tomorrow & Thursday but it's all good. Got up about an hour early, and switched on my iPod to Wake Up Playlist & just had a grand old time waking up :) Cooking was simply a delight while I was shaking my booty to Peanut Butter by RuPaul.

Call volume was fairly light, so I got some blogging in & of course finished up my Heart Map.

Wednesday 3-12

So the critters had there annual doctor's today & I must say I am impressed with them. Neither the dog nor the cat bit, scratched or even made much noise.
  • Song ~ I Knew I Loved You by Savage Gardens
  • Outfit ~ Black yoga pants & black tshirt
  • Bento/Meal ~ Tuna Salad is sooo yummy
  • Book ~ 
  • TV ~ Survivor, Criminal Minds (yeah it's a TV kind of night)
  • Art ~ DLP's Incorporate a Bird
Wahoo! I am so ready for this night to be done! I'm already exhausted & I just woke up :) And I's got a long LOng LONG day ahead of me. Not to mention a full work shift between here & there.

Thursday 3-13
  • Song ~  Let It Go' by Idina Menzel
  • Outfit ~ Naughty PJ pants & pink/black cami top
  • Bento/Meal ~ LC Chicken Parm
  • Book ~ An Unlikely Witch by Debra Geary
  • TV ~ Big Bang Theory 
  • Art ~ Backgrounds for a couple of pages

Friday 3-14
  • Song ~ Only Prettier by Miranda Lambert
  • Outfit ~ Sweat shorts & black tank
  • Bento/Meal ~ Steak Steak Steak
  • Book ~ Nadda
  • TV ~ Nadda
  • Art ~ Really nothing of import

Well I'm off to bed again today, so I can stay with GM tonight. I'll catch ya next week!

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